The Value of Participation in a Business Coalition

 Short and Long Term Savings for Employers and their Employees

SCBCH utilizes a comprehensive “Health Risk Management Model” that outlines specific initiatives and interventions that are proven to be effective in reducing health risks.  As health risks are identified, reduced and/or controlled, costs go down, and productivity goes up.  Research shows that a workforce is more productive when healthcare costs are effectively managed.

Community Involvement

When individual employers get more value from their healthcare dollars, the community as a whole benefits.  The changes and improvements brought about by the SCBCH and itsmembers, collectively, result in an improved healthcare system for the whole community.  The Coalition serves as a partnership for businesses, organizations and individuals in South Carolina and inside the healthcare field to act collaboratively in creating sustainable initiatives to improve healthcare quality and efficiency, promoting greater consumer responsibility in healthcare decisions, improving the overall health of South Carolinians, and thereby improving our economic competitiveness and quality of life.

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The Challenge Facing Employers

Healthcare benefits are increasingly unsustainable for American employers. A new approach must be found for employers to deal with this crisis. Shifting costs to employees and their families is no longer acceptable.

At the same time, employees should be held accountable for using these benefits wisely. Employers and employees alike must understand that the primary driver of healthcare costs is the “heath risks” of their insured populations. As these risks are effectively reduced and managed, healthcare costs will decline, and productivity will increase.